Past Annual Meetings

2023: Tallahassee "Where Have We Been? Where Are We Going?" (program and presentations)

2022: Orlando "Moving Forward: Where Do We Go From Here?" (program and presentations)

2021: Virtual meeting, "Collections at Risk" (program and presentations)

2020: cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic

2019: Miami "Past and Present" (program and presentations)

2018: Tallahassee “SFA35” (program and presentations)

2017: St. Petersburg "Working Smarter Together: Collections, Communities and Collaborations (program and presentations)

2016: Savannah, GA with the Society of Georgia Archivists (program)

2015: Miami "Many Trails Across Florida" (program and presentations)

2014: Orlando "Our Diverse Cultures: Our Digital Future" (program and presentations)

2013: Tallahassee "Viva SFA at 30: An Archival Celebration" (program and presentations)

2012: Sarasota (program)

2011: St. Augustine (program)

2010: Ybor City (Tampa) "Transformation through Creativity: The Future of Archival Practice" (program)

2009: Gainesville (program)

2008: Bradenton

2007: Boca Raton "Opening Eyes to Archives: Building Respect for Your Collection" (program)

2006: Tallahassee "Thinking Outside the Box: Beyond the Walls of the Archives" (program)

2005: Tampa
2004: Orlando
2003: Lakeland
2002: Hollywood
2001: St. Augustine

2000: Tampa
1999: Winter Park
1998: Sarasota
1997: Vero Beach
1996: Tallahassee
1995: Tampa

1994: Lakeland
1993: St. Augustine
1992: Gainesville
1991: Miami
1990: St. Augustine
1989: Tallahassee

1988: Tampa
1987: Orlando
1986: Bradenton
1985: Tallahassee
1984: Fort Myers
1983: Daytona Beach

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