Spotlight: Patricia Stephens Due Papers

06 Oct 2016 8:22 AM | Anonymous member

You may browse the Patricia Stephens Due Collection at Florida Memory.

Other images from this collection:

Patricia Stephens Due speaking at the memorial service of civil rights activist Judith Benninger Brown in Gainesville, Florida. 1991. Courtesy State Archives of Florida.

Snapshot of Patricia Stephens Due (left) with her mother, Lottie Hamilton (center), and her sister, Priscilla Stephens Kruize (right) at their home in Belle Glade, Florida. Ca, 1950. Courtesy State Archives of Florida.

Patricia Stephens Due (center in dark glasses) participates in picketing the segregated State Theatre in Tallahassee on May 29, 1963. Courtesy State Archives of Florida.

A page from a letter dated March 20, 1960 written from Patricia and Priscilla Stephens to their parents during the sisters’ time in the Leon County Jail. They ultimately served forty-nine days in jail for participating in a sit-in protest of segregated lunch-counters in Tallahassee. In this letter, the Stephens sisters describe their motivations for participating in non-violent resistance. “We cannot be contented with the conditions here in the south any longer. Our souls are being taken from us by discrimination,” they penned to their parents from inside the jail. Courtesy State Archives of Florida.

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