Connecting to Collections Care Network needs You!

19 May 2015 10:47 AM | Krystal Thomas (Administrator)

Please Join Us!

The Connecting to Collections Care Online Community is the continuation of the Connecting to Collections program that was handed on from Heritage Preservation to the Foundation for the American Institute for Conservation. This program provides free webinars and resources for those working in small and mid-sized cultural institutions that are staffed by those who may not have professional training or many resources to devote to care of their collections. 

One service we offer through the C2C Care website ( is the chance to ask questions regarding collections care and management issues and to receive an answer from the online community. 

The C2C Care Online Community Advisory Group is putting together a “Brain Trust” to help to make sure that our community members are getting accurate and appropriate information. We are asking for your assistance in fulfilling that mission. We have two ways that you can contribute to this effort by participating as Discussion Board Monitors or by joining the list of Experts who will assist the Monitors. Below are job descriptions.

Discussion Forum Monitors

This position is designed primarily for emerging professionals, and allows them to exercise their preservation knowledge and decision-making skills.


  • For a two-week shift, visit message board daily (Monday-Friday) to check for new posts. 
  • Answer questions when the monitor knows the answers. We want to make sure that questions are answered in a day or two of posting.
  • Contact an expert for advice when the monitor does not have an answer or the question is out of the monitor’s field. 
  • Read the discussions and evaluate the quality of the advice others are providing. Keeping in mind the audience,  if advice from others is unsound, gently explain why and redirect the conversation. 
  • Behave professionally at all times.


This position is designed for experienced professionals and allows them to contribute to the community when needed without making a substantial time commitment. 


  • Allow contact information (name, specialties, e-mail address, phone number) to be published on an internal list so that Message Board Monitors know who they can ask for help in specific areas.
  • Respond to e-mail messages and telephone calls from Message Board Monitors.
  • Register and post on C2C Care discussion board if necessary or when asked by Message Board Monitors.
  • Behave professionally at all times.

If you are interested in contributing to this effort, please let us know. If you are interesting in being a Monitor, please send your name, email address, and two months where you might be available to be a monitor (we will only schedule two weeks of your preferred months). If you want to be on the experts list, please send your name, email and the areas in which you can offer expertise. 

All inquiries should be sent to

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