News for April 20-24, 2015

24 Apr 2015 8:32 AM | Krystal Thomas (Administrator)

I'm not quite sure where this month is going, all I know is Miami is right around the corner! 

From the State

The Florida Association of Museums and its partners announced a new Florida Connecting to Collections (C2C) program on emergency preparedness.

Melbourne: Florida Institute of Technology has announced its Evans Library is going paperless where it can. 

From the Country

Baton Rouge, LA: A new digital archive from LSU looks at the lives of free African Americans in Louisiana from the colonial period and on.

Eugene, OR: An in-depth interview with former University of Oregon archivist James Fox.

Charlotte, NC: QNotes has donated its archives to the new LGBTQ Community Archive at UNC-Charlotte.

Washington, D.C.: The National Air and Space Museum has added the Sir Arthur C. Clarke Collection to its shelves. The collection will be available to researchers at the Udvar-Hazy Center. 

Austin, TX: Archive of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh is a tricky collection to be custodians of at the University of Texas at Austin and highlights a look into the man himself as he stood trial

Durham, NC: Duke University has acquired the collection of Lisa Unger Baskin, a treasure trove of women's history.

From the World

Our friends at Library and Archives Canada keep an online newsletter, The Governance and Recordkeeping Around the World newsletter - check it out if you're interested!

Ankara, Turkey: An effort to save 350,000 books at the National Library has been successful - more than half are now cataloged and available to the public.

Paris, France: In news that perhaps should surprise no one, Dutch organizations at a UNESCO conference in Paris has announced the internet is not a reliable archive.

From the Blogosphere

In case you're curious, Google now lets you download an "archive" of all your search history. I'm not "archive" is the correct word but everyone is running with it.

Going along with the UNESCO conference news this week, Hanging Together, OCLC's blog, talked about the importance of archiving the web.

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